Garbhasanskar - for would-be parents

3-day online workshop to educate and counsel expecting parents on this ancient science
which is the foundation for creation of life. 
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Garbhasanskar workshop

Being positive doesn’t just make you better; it makes everyone around you better.
– Jon Gordon

How is a quote on leadership relevant to the topic of Garbhasanskar?

Well, parents are always the first leaders for their children. You can help your child develop a positive personality and a positive outlook on life. Therefore, parents should ideally develop the skill of becoming a trustworthy and inspiring leader so that your children can learn from you.

This workshop on garbhasanskar is a six-hour program designed to empower you with knowledge and skills on the healthy conception and healthy pregnancy. As you learn strategies and concepts for Garbhasanskar, you will learn my  #TWA” (Thoughts, Words and Action) formula and how to put them into practice.

Selective topics from the ancient science of Garbhasanskar that address modern demands.

Consciousness before conception

  • Preparing yourself to conceive consciously.
  • Detect conception before your missing period.

Care during Conception and Pregnancy 

  • Tips for couples to positively manage changes that occur during pregnancy in each trimester & manifest vaginal childbirth.
  • 4-Garbhasanskar Activities

Postnatal recovery and breastfeeding

  • Yoga Practice for Pre-Postnatal Stage
  • Breastfeeding and Lactation Nutrition

Six creative activities will be given to participants

Workshop Outcomes

  • Setting clear goals for conception and pregnancy.
  • Having a positive attitude towards pregnancy will help you eliminate doubts and anxiety.
  • The process of childbirth will become easier for you once you have overcome your fear of it.
  • Achieving self-confidence and manifesting vaginal birth are possible
  • Together, you’ll strengthen your bond and synchronize your conception dreams
  • In the womb, you can influence your child’s personality as you wish
  • Participation Certificate

Who can enrol?

1. Would-be parents: This program is focused on would be parents and pregnant couple in all stages of pregnancy. This program guides postnatal mothers for breastfeeding and lactation nutrition

2. Pregnancy Coaches / Prenatal Yoga Teachers: This program will be also helpful for pregnancy coaches ,guide and consultant

yoga practices

Your Teachers

Dr Nutan Pakhare prenatal postnatal yoga and garbhasanskar teacher training
Dr. Nutan Pakhare
Lead Teacher
rizul yoga teacher
Ms. Rizul
Yoga Teacher

New Dates to be announced

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