85 hours 

(from 1st August 2024)

Prenatal Postnatal Yoga & Garbhasanskar Teacher Training Course

Recognised by Indian Yoga Association

Next dates
20th July – 18th August – Weekend batch (Saturday-Sunday, 10 am to 2 pm – IST) – 75h TTC
1st – 31st August 2024 – Weekday batch (Monday – Friday, 3 pm to 5 pm – IST) – 85h TTC

Prenatal Postnatal Yoga and Garbhasanskar Teacher Training course is specially designed for yoga teachers, doctors, gynaecologists, obstetricians, nutritionists, physiotherapists, and trainers. While prenatal yoga teacher training is common, there seems to be an inadvertent lack of comprehensive understanding of yoga before, during, and after childbirth among health professionals. Additionally, yoga teachers are not familiar with pregnancy physiology and medical aspects. These are some of the reasons why people are hesitant to recommend yoga during pregnancy or teach prenatal yoga.

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A conversation on Garbhasanskar with Rubina Dilaik

prenatal postnatal yoga and garbhasanskar teacher training online

This course addresses all these gaps and explains all the stages of a woman’s life in detail. It also discusses Prenatal, Postnatal, and Garbhasanskar care thoroughly. Healthy mothers and babies are the objectives of the program, which also covers conception, pregnancy, childbirth, and postnatal care in a holistic way.
A number of topics will be discussed, such as preparing for labour and delivery, self-practice, lactation and parenting. In order to ensure the well-being of the mother-to-be and her child, a positive and nurturing environment is essential. A woman can deepen her connection to her body, mind, emotions, and spirit through yoga.

Learner Happiness

The prenatal course at AYG Academy is impressively
well-structured and covers the various stages of a woman's life comprehensively.

Sakshi Jain


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Topics of Study

85 hours Pre-Postnatal Yoga and Garbhasanskar Teacher Training

(effective – August 1, 2024)

Integrating Ayurveda, Modern Philosophy and Yogic Practices

Module 1: Goals of Human Life and Health Across Stages of a Woman’s Life

  • Understanding the goals of human life and their relevance to health.
  • Analyzing different life stages of a woman from an Ayurvedic perspective.

Module 2: Garbha Sanskar

  • Definition and the science of nurturing a child in the womb.
  • Historical influences on Garbhasanskar.
  • Sixteen Sanskar

Module 3: Garbhasambhav Samagri – Ayurvedic principles of the four factors for healthy conception.

Module 4: Anatomy and Physiology

  • Detailed study of the reproductive and endocrine systems
  • The Role of Hormones and Tridosha in Menstrual Health and Physiology
  • Reproductive Health Disorders: PCOS, Menstrual Irregularities, Infertility, and Sperm Abnormalities

Module 5: Garbhadhanpurva Sanskar – Preparations for couples before conception.

Module 6: Garbhakarbhava- The six procreative factors responsible for life in the womb.

Module 7: Garbhaprakruti – Foundations for a healthy and happy child’s personality.

Module 8: Garbhadhanvidhi – Routine and rituals to be followed by couples at conception.

Module 10: Garbhini Paricharya

  • Immediate and later signs and symptoms of pregnancy.
  • Ayurveda and modern perspectives on the development of the fetus during pregnancy and the associated signs.
  • Step-by-step monthly holistic care guidelines for pregnant women focusing on diet, rest, discipline, and lifestyle

Module 11: Garbhaposhan and Twin Pregnancy

  • Understanding foetal blood circulation.
  • Types and nutrition of twin pregnancies.

Module 12: Garbhavriddhi

  • Embryology – Growth and development of the foetus.
  • Pregnancy Nutrition

Module 13: Garbhini Vyapada

  • Challenges faced by pregnant women during pregnancy and their care.
  • Discussion on case studies and medical reports
  • Gestational Diabetes/Hypertension/Eclampsia/ Rh incompatibility/Varicose veins/Backache

Module 14: Garbha Vyapad

  • Complications in foetal growth and development and their management.
  • Types of Miscarriage and Abortion
  • Placenta and Cord complication
  • Case study discussion
  • Breech and vertex presentation

Module 15: Prasava Paricharya

  • Preparation for Childbirth
  • Labour Pain – False and True Signs and Symptoms
  • Stages of Childbirth
  • Types of Childbirth -Cesarean section / vaginal / water birth/forceps/vacuum
  • Holistic care of mother and child during childbirth.
  • Yoga for healthy childbirth outcome

Module 16: Sutika Paricharya –

  • Postnatal care and nutrition for mothers and infants.
  • Ayurvedic Abhyanga /Udvartan /Yonidhupan
  • Foetus massage

Module 17: Postnatal Challenges

  • Addressing postnatal issues such as diastasis recti, umbilical hernia, depression, and postnatal yoga.
  • Case study

Module 18: Breast Care and Lactation

  • Breast care and yoga practices for lactation.

Demonstrations, Discussions and Self-Practice


Module 1: Shuddhi Kriya – Cleansing practices to promote overall health.
Module 2: Puberty Yoga – Yoga practices designed explicitly for puberty.
Module 3: Fertility Yoga – Yoga techniques to enhance fertility before conception.
Module 4: Yoga Therapy for Gynecological Disorders – Therapeutic modifications in yogic practices to support reproductive health.
Module 5: Couple Yoga for Healthy Conception – Yoga practices for couples to enhance concentration and bonding.
Module 6: Yoga for Healthy Pregnancy

  • Yoga routines to maintain health during pregnancy and support lactation
  • Modifying Surya Namaskar for Pregnancy

Module 7: Specific Modifications for Vaginal Childbirth – Modifications in asanas and breathing practices to facilitate normal childbirth.
Module 8: Role of Music, Nada Yoga, and Mantra Chanting during Pregnancy- Trimester-wise music and specific mantra chanting classes.

Module 9: Positive Affirmation and Visualization Techniques

  • Unique techniques of visualisation for a healthy pregnancy.
  • Ready notes on trimester-wise positive affirmations.

Module 10: Chakra and Garbhadhyana Practice & Tratak –Meditative practices, including gazing techniques (space, nasal, or candlelight).

Module 11: Postnatal Yoga for Healthy Recovery and Lactation

  • Yoga practices for postnatal recovery and rehabilitation.
  • Prevention and management of postnatal disorders.
  • Yoga therapy rehabilitates the pelvic floor and core muscles, including diastasis recti/ obesity / postnatal depression etc.

Video recordings for every class is provided for recapitulation. 

This includes bonus videos and helpful support

    • 10 hours of recordings on the Art of Parenting, postnatal healing, breastfeeding and lactation, and physiotherapy talks
    • Guidance for class planning and ready-made Prenatal Yoga classes form for your practice

Presentations / PDF Notes

  • Access to study material in form, presentations, and notes available free during the course duration.

FREE Book – The Ultimate Guide to Garbhasanskar (Hindi, Marathi, English)
(Additional shipping charges applicable outside India)

Evaluation Criteria

  • Assignments: 10 assignments, each having six Q&A, totalling 60 questions to be completed throughout the course as per guidance.
  • Essays: 4/5 essays covering critical topics of the syllabus.
  • Attendance: 80% mandatory attendance in live sessions.
  • Lesson Plan Demo Presentation: A practical presentation demonstrating a lesson plan.


  • Participants who complete the above criteria and are health professionals (yoga trainers, doctors, physiotherapists, etc.) will receive a Certificate upon successful evaluation.
  • An additional Certificate of Excellence will be awarded to the best student of the batch, based on the evaluation of all criteria and the student’s behaviour from day one until the end of the course.
prenatal postnatal yoga and garbhasanskar teacher training

FROM the Comfort of YOUR HOME

10 Reasons Why
This Course is Essential!

1. Lead your Students with Confidence: Gain a competitive edge and learn to conduct sessions with the correct perspective.

2. Integrated Ayurveda and Yoga Concepts – Understand the connection between Ayurveda, yoga, and women’s life stages, and learn why this knowledge is crucial.

3. Step-by-Step Guidance – Master practical yoga techniques for a healthy pregnancy and childbirth with our detailed lesson plans.

4. Blend Ancient Wisdom with Modern Science – Learn to apply a beautiful amalgamation of ancient Garbhasanskar practices and modern science in your teaching.

5. Make Customised Yoga Classes – Design customized yoga sessions and holistic health plans based on the pregnancy trimester.

6. Prevent Pregnancy Complications – Acquire simple yet effective tips and tricks to prevent complications during pregnancy and childbirth.

7. Ayurvedic Pregnancy Care– Gain in-depth knowledge about pregnancy trimester care from an Ayurvedic perspective.

8. Expand Your Practice – Broaden your horizons into pregnancy and women’s health and wellness.

9. Certified Expertise – Receive a certificate of completion from a recognized national and international organization, validating your expertise.

10. Community Support and Networking – Connect with a supportive community of fellow practitioners and build a network for ongoing learning and collaboration.

garbhasanskar book english

FREE 300 Page Book

Given out to everyone!

The Ultimate Guide to Garbhasanskar

This 300 page book by  Dr Nutan is an outcome of her 20 years of teaching experience combined with invaluable knowledge from the ancient Indian sciences. The book is available in 3 languages – English, Hindi and Marathi. We dispatch as per preference indicated in the  registration form.

Meet your Teachers

Dr Nutan Pakhare prenatal postnatal yoga and garbhasanskar teacher training

Dr. Nutan Pakhare

Lead Teacher & Facilitator
BAMS, PGDYS, M.Sc in Yoga, UGC NET qualified.
Experience – 22 years

Dr Swati Thoda - prenatal postnatal yoga and garbhasanskar teacher training

Ms. Swati Thoda
(Guest Faculty)

Nutrition Consultant & Lactation Educator
PG Diploma in Dietitics and Applied Nutrition. 
Experience – 25 years

manija practicals prenatal postnatal yoga and garbhasanskar teacher training

Ms. Manija

Yoga Practicals
Level 3 certified, YCB (Ministry of AYUSH)
Experience – 4 years

Dr. Sarita Naik
(Guest Faculty)

MBBS, MD (Obst & Gyn), Delhi University
MRCOG, Singapore.
Experience – 18 years

Practical yoga teacher pre-postnatal yoga & garbhasanskar

Ms. Maya Nayak

Yoga Practicals
MA in Yogashastra
Experience – 15 years

Deepika Prenatal Yoga Garbhasanskar teacher

Ms. Deepika

Yoga Practicals
Yoga Alliance accredited. 
4000 hours of teaching experience. 
Specialisation – Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga

Dr. Nutan's International Visits

Dr Nutan's speech at Indian embassy in Vienna 2023
Delivering speech at Indian embassy, Vienna (2023)
Dr. Nutan with dignitaries at Indian embassy, Vienna. Circa 2023
With dignitaries at Indian embassy, Vienna (2023)
Dr. Nutan at London
With eminent guests at YMCA Cultural Event, London (2022)
prenatal postnatal yoga garbhasanskar ttc certificate
Sample Certificate
yoga teachers report ppyg
Survey Report on the outcome of Garbhasanskar knowledge on Yoga teachers - Click to Read

Upcoming Dates and Registration

Prenatal Postnatal Yoga and Garbhasanskar Teacher Training

Next dates

20th July – 18th August – Weekend batch (Saturday-Sunday, 10 am to 2 pm – IST)
1st – 31st August 2024 – Weekday batch (Monday – Friday, 3 pm to 5 pm – IST)

Online Classes on Zoom Onsite Classes at Kurla East, Mumbai

Course Fees

INR 29,999 (Indian Nationals)
USD 399 
(Foreign Nationals)

Early Bird Fees

Rs. 18,999 | USD 295

Valid till –  22nd July 2024
(For the weekday batch starting 1st August 2024)

Please read before Registration

  1. Please fill out the registration form through the button below.
  2. After form submission, you will be redirected to the payment page for paying the course fees via debit/credit card, net banking and UPI.
  3. For payments via NEFT / IMPS, please fill out and submit the form below and write to connect@drnutan.com for bank account details.

PLEASE NOTE: Form submissions without payment of course fee does not confirm your registration.

Reflections from Our Students

...about Prenatal Postnatal Yoga and Garbhasanskar Teacher Training

Aarti G
Aarti G
Best institute to learn Prenatal, postnatal & Garbhasanskar course. The curriculum is good, teaching is too good by Nutan mam and maya mam. I would definitely recommend this place.
Sheryl Wilson
Sheryl Wilson
To one of the best knowledge you can feed yourself with, not only as a yoga instructor or mom to be but a must have to understand the beauty of creation of this journey of life! Nutan Ma’am’s immense knowledge and experience is a gift that I’m grateful for everyday🙌🏻 With no second thoughts do get yourselves enrolled once and gift yourself this wonderful lifetime opportunity. Thanks a lot Dr. Nutan and God bless you always for this kind cause🙏🏻
Disha Dhoka
Disha Dhoka
Excellent course taught by an experienced teacher Dr Nutan ma’am.
Hiral Suru
Hiral Suru
I am very grateful and thank AYG Academy by Dr NutanThe precious knowledge given to us , in detail regarding Human Physiology, mind, body, and emotions working together. The holistic approach that is involved in the Creation and Cultivation of life in every birth ,has opened my eyes to many facts, and truths that can be linked to our Indian culture and explained them with the scientific knowledge that I have wanted and needed to prepare the body for the beautiful cycle of giving birth and bringing new life. The wellness information about Ayurveda has given me a chance not only to understand the biology in myself but also to get clarity from the people around me. I especially now understand the importance of Yoga in one's life, the importance it has, to balance and enhance energy, and purify the body allowing me to be calmer and get a better nights sleep.
kajal totlani
kajal totlani
While i completed my Pre natal, postnatal and garbhasanskara course designed by Dr.Nutan. It has been a beautiful journey of so much new and fascinating knowledge. The course is designed beautifully. It is a balance of practical & theoretical knowledge which is both personally and professionally beneficial. Thankyou aygacademy
aarti vartak
aarti vartak
Dr Nutan is very knowledgeable and she knows how to transfer knowledgeable to her students. She is proficient not only in her subject matter but also in using the tools to make the course easy and interesting. I would surely recommend it to anyone who is into baby planning or to any support person for the expecting mother.
vandana agarwal
vandana agarwal
To begin with, I would to thank Dr.nutan for designing the best garbhasanskar course & teaching us the best of everything in this field. From the course module to her teaching skills, she has instilled us with the best of knowledge. Also her entire team of teachers are just fabulous. Specially, Maya ma'am. The best team, the best teacher, the course module & the best academy. Dr. Nutan Pakhare's Ayurveda Yoga Garbhsanskar Academy is the best for to be mothers & yoga professionals who would to expand their horizons as a teacher. Highly recommend AYG academy.
Priyanka Babar
Priyanka Babar
I recently completed a two-month Garbha Sanskar prenatal program with Dr. Nutan and I couldn't be more pleased with the experience. From the beginning, Dr. Nutan created a warm and supportive environment that made me feel comfortable and valued. The program itself was comprehensive and well-structured, covering a range of practices and techniques that were incredibly beneficial for my prenatal journey. Dr. Nutan is exceptionally knowledgeable and always took the time to address any questions or concerns I had. Their passion for Garbha Sanskar and genuine care for their students shine through in every session. Overall, I highly recommend this program to any expectant mother looking for a holistic approach to prenatal care. Thank you, Dr. Nutan, for making this experience so enriching and memorable.
ruta pawaskar
ruta pawaskar
Well-designed course done. Good course for all who are looking forward to doing this course., go for it. You will learn more from this course personally & physically mentally too. Correct teaching pattern theory and practical. Excellent tutor our mentor Dr Nutan Pakhare & her team.👍👍🙏🙏
Khyati Bhuva
Khyati Bhuva
I recently completed the prenatal, postnatal, and garbhsanksar course at AYG Academy, and it was truly wonderful. Dr. Nutan ma’am teaching style is exceptional; her depth of knowledge made every lecture enjoyable and enriching. I'm grateful for the valuable learning experience. Thank you, Dr. Nutan ma’am.

Frequently Asked Questions

Prenatal Postnatal Yoga and Garbhasanskar Teacher training delves into the philosophy and practices of Garbhasanskar, drawing from the principles of Ayurveda, Yoga, and Modern science. In addition, it covers essential topics such as the Human Reproductive System, Yogic Anatomy and Physiology, and Teaching Methodology in relation to pregnancy trimesters and postnatal stage.

Our experienced professor will provide a comprehensive and engaging explanation of the subject matter, which will be supplemented by educational audio and video materials, as well as presentations and notes that are relevant to the course topics. Discussion and Q & A at the end of the session.

Additionally, the course also includes a demo presentation where you can observe and learn from each other’s performances. You will also have assignments that require 10 hours of dedicated effort, and your performance will be evaluated throughout the course. The final evaluation will be based on a presentation at the end of the course, where you can showcase your learnings.

The course includes 40 hours of live Zoom sessions, 10 hours of bonus add-on videos, and 25 hours self-study time for assignments, essays, and presentations, resulting in a total duration of 75 hours.

Additionally, the course also includes a demo presentation where you can observe and learn from each other’s performances. You will also have assignments that require 10 hours of dedicated effort, and your performance will be evaluated throughout the course. The final evaluation will be based on a presentation at the end of the course, where you can showcase your learnings.

Yes, this course covers the 3S pregnancy yoga module specifically designed for each trimester to stabilize and strengthen pregnancy, fetus health, childbirth, lactation, and postpartum healing. The course also includes modifications of asanas, pranayama and meditation techniques, specific mantra chanting and music, visualization, and positive affirmations, as well as couple yoga, yoga nidra, and conversations with the child in the womb.

The primary language of instruction is English, but we also provide translation into Hindi and Marathi upon request.

No, we do not have that facility as this is a short-duration course. All fees need to be paid before you start the course, in one payment.

There is no academic qualification required for this course. It is open to expecting parents, pregnant women, and health professionals who work in women’s and child health, such as gynaecologist and obstetricians , yoga teachers, physiotherapists, ayurveda and homeopath doctors, and nutritionists etc.

Approximately 40% of the course is dedicated to practical demonstrations and practice sessions with our trainers.

This course provides new insights and ayurveda and yogic perspectives on pregnancy, childbirth, and lactation. 

It empowers pregnant women to experience their motherhood journey and provides health professionals and yoga teachers with the confidence to lead prenatal and postnatal yoga sessions.

Yes, this course provides a certificate for Pre-Postnatal Yoga and Garbhasanskar training. However, we recommend gaining additional experience and internship with an experienced  doctor, yoga teacher or therapist for a minimum of 3-6 months after certification.

Upon successful completion of the course, as per academy protocol, you will be certified as a Pre-Postnatal Yoga and Garbhasanskar trainer.

Both versions have the same course content and provide study notes and presentations. The main difference is that the self-paced course allows you to learn at your own pace within six months of course access to all recordings, while the live Zoom class version has a duration of one month and offers the opportunity to learn directly with faculty and other students. The live version includes a 7-day recording access after the course’s end date.

The fees differ between the self-paced and zoom live classes because the delivery methods are different. In the self-paced course, you will learn through pre-recorded videos, which can be accessed at your convenience within a three-month period. In contrast, the zoom live course involves real-time instruction and interaction with the trainer and other participants, which requires more resources and preparation. As a result, the fees for the zoom live course are typically higher to account for the additional costs associated with delivering the course in a live format.

…because, we want you to grab the early bird discount!