Pregnancy & General Group Yoga Classes
(Pre and Postnatal)

As our body prepares itself for childbirth, we feel a surge of emotions racing through. 
At AYG Academy, we help you exprience of tranquility as you go along the journey of pregnancy. 

prenatal yoga class

Booking Process

Step 1
Medical Consultation with Dr. Nutan
Dr. Nutan guides you on the yoga practices and diet as per month-wise development of the baby in your womb and understanding your body’s requirements. 

Step 2
Yoga Classes begin with our teacher. 
Our teacher Ms. Manija Gharad takes over and begins yoga classes. 

Step 3 (Optional)
Monthly Health Check-up with Dr. Nutan
Dr. Nutan will conduct monthly health check-up on request, after the first yoga class, for those who are interested.

Class Days and Timings
Tuesdays & Thursdays, 6 to 7 pm. 

For 8 classes – Rs. 6000 per month
For 12 classes – Rs. 8000 per month

Why Choose Us?

Small group sizes,
entails individual attention

Our group sizes are small with 5 people on an average. This allows the teacher to give individual attention to each.

Focussed Medical Consultation before class

Dr. Nutan, with over 20 years of experience checks out each and every parameter and recommends guidelines.

Monthly health check-up on request

Dr. Nutan also provides monthly health check-ups after a participant undergoes her first batch of classes, on request.


manija practicals prenatal postnatal yoga and garbhasanskar teacher training

Ms. Manija Gharad
Level 3 certified, Yoga Certification Board
(Ministry of AYUSH). Experienced prenatal/postnatal yoga trainer

Read Before Joining

  • Medical consultation is mandatory before joining. 
  • Each class will be a one-hour session
  • If you miss attending a class once it will be compensated, however if you miss more than one class, then the session will  lapse.
  • Individual attention is given to you.
  • Before starting yoga practices please follow all guidelines which will be instructed to you in your 1stintroductory class.
  • Fees once paid is non-refundable. 

Registration - Pregnancy Yoga Classes

Motherhood is a beautiful journey. Let us partake in your celebrations!

General Yoga Classes

General group yoga classes also available online and offline. 
Fees – Rs. 4000 – 8 classes/month and Rs. 6000 – 12 classes/month. 

Interested candidates please contact our team through the button below.
We will gather your requirements and arrange classes with a qualified instructor.