Certificate Course in Pregnancy Nutrition

All you need to know about preventive and curative measures about Diet in Pregnancy
through Ayurveda, Yoga and Modern Science.
Pre-recorded with 3 months access.

UNICEF estimates that low birthweight affects more than 20 million new-borns every year. Lack of nutrition (iron, folate, calcium and zinc, iodine etc.) leads to multiple pregnancy and childbirth complications such as anaemia in pregnancy, Gestational hypertension, Preeclampsia or eclampsia, Gestational Diabetes or Obesity in mothers. This may lead to stillbirth or developmental defects in children. Our mind is nothing but the essence of food and nutrition which we have taken
It is said that we are what our mother ate. So it is important to give coaching on healthy nutrition for current and future life on this planet earth.
Diet in Pregnancy Nutrition Garbhassnskar

Know about the Nuances of Diet in Pregnancy

This course is right for:

  • All pregnant women for healthy nourishment of self and baby.
  • Dieticians and Nutritionist who is interested to explore deeper understanding about pregnancy focused diet plan and nutrition guidelines
  • All who are keen to understand role of diet and digestion in pregnancy care
  • All medical and alternative health professionals Ayurveda and naturopath doctors, yoga teachers, doula, gynaecologist etc. who want to know traditional and modern science amalgamation of diet and nutrition
7 reasons why you should learn garbhasanskar

This course will guide you to:

  • Prevent low birth weight childbirth
  • Reduce deformities and still births
  • Reduce pregnancy and maternal health complications
  • Reduce Anaemia
  • Improve immunity in mother and new born babies
  • Improve adolescent strength and stamina
  • Reduced risk of adult lifestyle disorders
  • Guide trainers and health coaches with systematic nutrition as per pregnancy trimester
  • Improve personality of child in the womb
  • Reduce maternal mortality rates

Topics covered

  • A special time in the woman’s life
  • A lifetime bonding for the couple
  • Learning together for good parenting
  • Adopting a healthy lifestyle
  • A conscious preparation to conceive
    • Physical
    • Mental
    • Spiritual
  • Knowing your body
  • Learning all about hormonal change and its effects
  • Involving the partner
  • Understanding conception as a couple
  • Overall health and how it influences baby growth
  • Medical care process in pregnancy – your gynac support
  • Process of conception
  • Zygote formation and implantation
  • Week-by-week foetal transformation
  • How maternal wellbeing influences baby development at each stage
  • All about food and food groups
  • The plate method of eating
  • Debunking nutrition myths related to pregnancy
  • What are macronutrients
  • What are micronutrients
  • Essential nutrients for maternal wellbeing
  • Focussed meal planning for healthy pregnancy
  • Obesity/overweight pregnancy
  • Gestational Diabetes
  • Hypertension in pregnancy
  • Anaemia of pregnancy
  • What one should know of the above to act wisely?


  • Is fitness necessary during pregnancy?
  • Preparing the fitness mind-set
  • Safe exercises during pregnancy
  • Benefits to the developing baby
  • What not to do and why
  • Recognizing stress pointers
  • Browsing through systematised journaling
  • Planning in advance for a smooth pregnancy journey
  • Relaxation
  • Meditation
  • Importance of sleep in pregnancy
  • Physical changes in relation to breastfeeding
  • Nutritional demands
  • Stages of lactation – Lactogenesis
  • Nursing your baby
  • Breastfeeding positions
  • Common breastfeeding problems


  • Hitahar ,Satvik & Mental health intake
  • Important for healthy and natural childbirth
  • Trimester wise importance yoga practice in pregnancy
  • Garbhasanskar – Education of Child in the Womb
  • Pregnancy Challenges as per Modern Science
  • Mantra and Music in Pregnancy
  • Postnatal care and Physiotherapy

Your Guides

Dr Nutan Pakhare prenatal postnatal yoga and garbhasanskar teacher training

Dr. Nutan Pakhare
Founder – AYG Academy

Dr Swati Thoda - prenatal postnatal yoga and garbhasanskar teacher training

Ms. Swati Thoda
Clinical Nutritionist, Certified Lactation Educator,
Heartfulness Meditation Trainer


Indian Participants

Pay in INR
4500 3 Months access
  • Complete Study Materials Provided
  • Bonus 11 hours of content
  • Participation Certificate

International Participants

Pay in USD
$ 60 3 Months access
  • Complete Study Materials Provided
  • Bonus 11 hours of content
  • Certificate of Completion

Frequently Asked Questions

The study materials in this course are available 24×7. You get instant access on registration for 3 months. Your access can be extended further on request. 

A certificate of completion is awarded from Dr. Nutan’s AYG academy, which is a registered school affiliated to World Yoga Organisation and Indian Yoga Association. 

There are assignments in the course which are evaluated by Dr. Nutan before issuing the certificate. 

Clinical practice requires in-depth study of ayurvedic sciences. This is a basic course with sole aim to offer knowledge for anybody interested in learning the ancient healing principles.