Basic Certificate Course in Ayurveda

All you need to know about Foundational concepts of Ayurveda is covered in this basic certificate course. 
20 hours, Pre-recorded course. 

How is it possible that a food that is good for one person can cause disease in another? Are there any standard guidelines for well-being?Would it be of interest to you?

When you understand your unique body-mind constitution and how it changes over time, you’ll be able to achieve this.

Using Ayurveda, you can discover a specific strategy that helps you adapt to the changes in your body and those caused by external factors.

Healing and wellness through ayurveda course

This 20-hour self-paced course will help you to master the
core principles of ayurveda and the coding of your body and mind.

It focuses on identifying and manifesting the correct sequence and nature of the five elements that harmonize your body and mind. When you understand the relativity and predominant presence in you and your food and environment, you will be able to incorporate health and well-being into your daily routines.


  • Introduction to Ayurveda – Definitions and Objectives

  • Ayurveda’s approach to health

  • Ayurvedic concepts of “Aaam”(half-digested food) & “Vyadhi” (diseases)

  • “The principle of Vyadhikshmatva” (Ayurvedic immunity)

  • Ayurveda: History and Philosophy

  • An Ayurvedic Concept on Prakruti and Vikruti

  • An understanding of how the five elements relate to the body

  • Tridosha – what is it and why is it called a dosha?

  • What is Vata Dosha and what are its five types?

  • How does Vata Dosha affect your health and disease?

  • How can diet, discipline, & lifestyle be applied to improve Vata function?

  • What is Pitta Dosha & what are its five types?

  • How does Pitta Dosha work in a healthy and diseased body?

  • How can Diet, Discipline, and Lifestyle be applied to maintain Pitta in the body?

  • How does Kapha Dosha work and what are its five types

  • What is the function of Kapha Dosha in a healthy body and in a diseased body?

  • An analysis of dosha combinations and permutations

  • How can diet, discipline, and lifestyle be applied to maintain a normal Kapha function in the body?

  • The importance of “Agni” in Ayurveda

  • An understanding of “Dhatu” and its importance to a healthy body in Ayurveda.

  • Ayurvedic concept of “Mala” and its importance for health


This course is intended primarily for yoga teachers, health coaches, doctors, and health enthusiasts , others who care for the health of others and seek a deeper understanding of Ayurveda. 

Indian Participants

Pay in INR
1999 3 Months access
  • 20 hours of content
  • Participation Certificate

International Participants

Pay in USD
$ 49 3 Months access
  • 20 hours of content
  • Participation Certificate

Frequently Asked Questions

The study materials in this course are available 24×7. You get instant access on registration for 3 months. Your access can be extended further on request. 

A certificate of completion is awarded from Dr. Nutan’s AYG academy, which is a registered school affiliated to World Yoga Organisation and Indian Yoga Association. 

There are assignments in the course which are evaluated by Dr. Nutan before issuing the certificate. 

Clinical practice requires in-depth study of ayurvedic sciences. This is a basic course with sole aim to offer knowledge for anybody interested in learning the ancient healing principles.