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6 hours of comprehensive knowledge of Ayurveda which will completely transform your life positively

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It is said that Knowledge is liberation, whoever wish to experience this can sign up this amazing secretes revelations by Master Dr.Ram Manohar

For all who wants to learn and understand Ayurveda in its pristine form

All who are keen to understand role of Ayurveda benefits for personal and professional healthcare?

All health professionals –doctors, yoga teachers and health enthusiastic etc. who want to know traditional and contemporary adaptation of Ayurveda covered in this course.

This will create strong foundation for you to explore Ayurveda before you take long term course with us.


Discourse on Charak Samhita Sharirsthan

  • Ayurveda and Yoga relation
  • Uniqueness of Ayurveda Shastra for health, wellbeing and successful in life
  • Important of Guru for experiencing true knowledge
  • Purpose of Sharir (Body) in Ayurveda Chaturmaas time
  • What is Chaturmass and how to discipline inner world?

Diet in Ayurveda

  • Monsoon and autumn our body is vulnerable so this is best time for spirituality and focussing on satvik food and physical exercise.
  • Why Tulsi should not use blindly and how Ayurveda advises to use such a drugs consciously?
  • How dosha regulated inside the body as per season?
  • How diet linked in Ayurveda to balance these modification in Ayurveda based on season and strength of an individual?
  • What is Yoganidra & its role during chaturmaas?
  • How to pacify vata and pitta for preparing for meditation through diet?

Lifestyle in Ayurveda

  • What is lifestyle in Ayurveda?
  • Specific importance of lifestyle during chaturmaas?
  • How to re-engineer our mind?
  • When to do heavy and mild physical activity?
  • Ashtang hridya starts with mind explanation?
  • What are three types of Lifestyle in Ayurveda?
  • How to behave good from within and how it is beneficial for wellbeing?

Cleansing Process in Ayurveda

  • What is the Best way to purify self and bathe?
  • Dosha always in movements and hence needs consistent awareness on cleansing process.
  • How to keep these dosha in balance?
  • Different types of animals mentioned for meat eater?
  • Correct understanding of Non vegetarian concept in Ayurveda?
  • Why to restrain eating meat during chaturmaas?
  • Story of butcher and spiritual power?
  • What is sin and what is not sin?
  • Which state in India as a vegetarian?
  • Free notes on Ayurveda for mind
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INR 2000/-

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