Simple changes that may help you Delay aging

By Petra Fernandes

Who wouldn’t want to stay young forever? I know I would love to be young and wild and free for all time. But as we all know ‘change’ is the only thing in life that is constant. The candles on our birthday cake each year are proof of that theory.

So do we avoid the inevitable? Do away with the candles, cover our faces with expensive makeup and pretend for the world, that our youth is trapped in suspended animation.

We need to embrace with absolute conviction that we will get older. There will be white hair and wrinkles and muscles that creak. But is there some way that we can naturally delay the unavoidable? Yes there is!

1. Lead a stress free life.

Stress causes the cortisol levels in the body to rise and this speeds up the aging process. Not to mention the wrinkles and frown lines it leaves on our faces.

2. Eat a healthy balanced diet.

If you think of our body as a car, you cannot put milk or juice into the fuel tank when it really requires petrol or diesel and expect it to function smoothly. Having an all round balanced diet is the right fuel to keep the body healthy and happy.

3. Hydrate… but not with alcohol or anything sugary for that matter.

Water, that clear, beautiful liquid works wonders for our system. It lubricates the joints, flushes out the bacteria and waste from our system, keeps your skin hydrated, prevents headaches, maintains balance and stability within the body.. The list is endless.

Alcohol on the other hand is like the devil in disguise. It creeps into your bloodstream replaces the oxygen, affects your brain first then your kidneys, your lungs and then your poor liver.

4. Exercise and get that blood circulating.

Exercise creates happy hormones known as ‘Endorphins’ that make you look and feel better about yourself. Exercise keeps your joints lubricated. It promotes weight loss and healthy organs. It makes your skin glow and puts forth a natural youthful appearance. Movement of any kind slow or fast helps the body maintain its youthfulness.

5. Hello Sunshine… Where’s my Sunscreen?

Protect your skin! Use sunscreen! The outer layer of our skin contains a pigment known as melanin, which protects us from burning to a crisp from the suns ultraviolet rays. When the suns rays are to strong, our skin burns and this causes the skin to lose its natural elasticity and texture and this offsets premature aging.

6. If you smoke… QUIT!

The concoction of toxic chemicals in cigarettes speeds up the normal aging process. It deepens the wrinkles on your face. It reduces the oxygen to the skin as a result your skin becomes dull and lifeless and saggy which gives one an appearance of being a lot older than they actually are.

7. Wash your face and apply a moisturizer.

When you get home from gallivanting around outside, wash your face with a good facial cleanser to remove all the grime and pollutants from your skin. Washing your face removes moisture from your skin so follow up your now clean face with a good moisturizer. Moisturizers trap the water in our skin and provide a healthy, youthful appearance.

Follow this space for regular tips and things for a more balanced, healthier and happier you.