How to deal with infertility? A parable

By Dr. Nutan Pakhare

King Dilip was a noble emperor married to Sudakshina, the princess of Magadha. Both of them were very kind and managing their kingdom nicely. However, they were going through stress of unable to conceive and give the next ruler to the kingdom to find out the cause and solution for the same both have been visited to Sage Vasishta’s hermitage.

Sage Vasistha has diagnosed the cause of infertility hidden in past life history of King Dilip.

He conveyed that to couple that the reason they had no children because of ignorance of the divine cow Kamdhenu by  King Dilip in his earlier life while he went  to visit Lord Indra.

Kamdhenu cow felt offended due to this behavior of King Dilip. Therefore she cursed to King Dilip that he would not have any children in his next life. Whenever Kind Dilip will realize his mistake he may get opportunity to get rid of this curse he can served to the cow Nandini who is daughter of Kamdhenu.

When King Dilip realized his innocent mistake he and his wife immediately ready to follow the path of serving cow & following natural routines as suggested by Sage Vasishta. They have delegated work of kingdom to others for few days and shifted to stay in the hermitage and nearby to Cow Nandini to serve her in her routine life.

Usually cow wakes up early in the morning and get fresh and ready to roam round in the forest for grazing grass. So King and queen both have to wakes up early and make her ready for it.

After many days of this devoted service of couple, one morning the cow went in a forest along with king Dilip. Suddenly lion appeared and started attacking the cow, King Dilip fell to his knees and bowed to the lion and begged the lion not to the cow Nadini. Instead he offered himself to the lion for fulfilling hunger. By seeing such a dedication and care the lion disappeared, and the Nandini cow revealed that she had tested the King Dilip. They have been now free from the curse and will get healthy child ahead.

By listening this King Dilipa and Queen Sudakshina returned to their Kingdom and after few days they conceived and given birth to their son who have been know “ Raghu” and he is known to carry forward the legacy named Raghuvanshi. King Raghu Given birth to King Aja and King Aja given birth to King Dasharath who have son King Ram and his brothers.

Now the moral of story is modifications in the sedentary food and Lifestyle can transform the physical and mental health positively which can even reverse the severe diseases (lion in the story represents diseases like PCOD, Premature ejaculation etc.) and reset the natural body mind harmony. This results in the conception.

Today infertility is on the rise and world is moving towards creating artificial support of preserving life on the planet earth. Whereas Ayurveda and Yoga actually guides you to adapt natural methods of conception and so emphasis on following simple and healthy routines. The way King Dilip and Queen staying in hermitage away from lavish life resolved their issues it may help us all too.