Learn Pregnancy Care

6 hours of pre-recorded talks. LIFETIME ACCESS. 

This course is useful for

  1. All couples who wish to extend their family and conceive.
  2. Women who wants to get rid of fear of childbirth and understand how to prevent complications?
  3. Women who wants to understand what exactly covered under Garbhasanskar?
  4. All who are keen to understand role of mantra chanting and physiotherapy in pregnancy care?
  5. All health professionals –doctors, yoga teachers, doula etc. who want to know traditional and modern science amalgamation regarding pregnancy covered in this course.
  6. This will create foundational understanding before you take long course with us.
dreams during pregnancy

Importance of Garbhasanskar

  • What is Garbhasanskar? Why is it important?
  • What is Ayurveda and Yogic Perspective?
  • When to start? How yoga is the part of the Garbhasanskar?

Pregnancy Challenges as per Modern Science

  • What is Modern perspectives about pregnancy challenges?
  • Gestational diabetes?
  • Gestational hypertension, Preeclampsia and eclampsia?
  • Miscarriage and abortions?
  • How to cope up with these complications on time?

Importance of Mantra and Music in Pregnancy

  • What is Mantra?
  • Role of Mantra in nurturing healthy pregnancy?
  • How to chant mantra in correct ways?
  • How wrong chanting can affects baby’s growth?
  • What are all mantra included during pregnancy trimester wise growth?

Postnatal Care and Physiotherapy

  • What is postnatal care?
  • How is it important for better health outcome for woman’s health?
  • How physiotherapy plays an important role in prevention of postnatal physical challenges like diastasis recti, umbilical hernia or prolapse?
  • Yoga and Physiotherapy Tips for strengthening pelvic floor
  • How to prepare for healthy childbirth to prevent complications?
Course Fee
INR 1200/-

We will send you manual access to the course within 3 hours of payment.