Maternal Preparation of Pregnancy

By Ms. Swati Thoda

Let’s learn about the preparation a mom-to-be needs to focus upon:

Physical Preparation:  Staying active allows the mom-to-be to remain flexible and avoid general aches and pains caused due to postural changes accompanying pregnancy. Learning the right moves for her stage/week of pregnancy makes it easier for her to stay fit and enjoy great health. Besides activity, taking a proper diet is an extremely important part in the physical preparation. While eating for two is a complete myth, eating right to ensure proper maternal energy levels as well as foetal growth is a must. 

Mental Preparation: Cherishing being pregnant makes up the mental makeup during pregnancy. This announces the happiness/joyful quotient which goes a long way – all the way throughout pregnancy and early post-natal time too. Being able to welcome your baby cheerfully despite going through labour and birth in itself is mental preparation.

Spiritual Preparation:  We all know our sages and ancient scriptures have laid emphasis on practicing meditation and reading/watching anecdotes that have wisdom which get imparted to the baby in the womb during pregnancy. This is a proven science now, though it may have not been accepted earlier.  

Often a new mom-to-be may find it challenging to manage to keep up with all of the above preparation all by her own. Here’s why we at AGY have created this very specific program that enables the new mom-to-be to handle her pregnancy with immense confidence and joy. 

It is crucial to know the preparations needed in relation to the trimesters of pregnancy. Each of the 3 trimesters have some specific areas which should not be ignored. These areas include 

  • Maternal Development & Care
  • Baby Development 
  • Maternal Nutrition
  • Nutrition Guidelines 
  • Physical Activity
  • Adequate Sleep 
  • Stress and relaxation 
  • Laboratory Tests

During the course, we have defined all of the above areas in detail. Hope learning the same will help you to take charge of making your/your client’s pregnancy a healthy and happy one.