What happened when I was diagnosed with ovarian cyst

Name withheld

Back in 2016, I went for a complete body check up as my father recommends getting ourselves checked once in a while. I was diagnosed with very tiny ovarian cysts, size in mm. The doctor recommended not to do anything with it unless any symptoms are experienced.

I totally forgot about this & started living a normal life as I absolutely had no symptoms. No irregular periods, no abdominal pain. 

In December 2020, on experiencing a mild discomfort in the abdominal area, our family doctor recommended that I go for an ultrasound to discard the possibility of a kidney stone. This is when my ovarian cyst which earlier were sized in mm were now fully grown in cms. I was detected with dermoid cysts.

I had two 6cm each cyst on my left ovary & one 5 cm cyst on the right ovary. Endless tests began wherein all the while I lived in fear of cancer although I knew that dermoid cyst is rarely cancerous. What I found interesting was that I had never experienced any symptoms all these years. 

From December to April, we tried to work on this through Ayurvedic medication under a strict diet. The cyst didn’t show any change after an ultrasound a few months later. I knew if nothing resolves, I’ll have to go for a surgery but I wasn’t mentally prepared.

On 10th April, 2021, I suddenly experienced unbearable pain in my lower abdomen. I was taken to the hospital in an emergency. The gynecologist recommended immediate surgery but we had to wait for the covid tests. There was a torsion of the cysts around the fallopian tube that caused pain. This resulted in me being on pain killers for 3 days but it didn’t help. I couldn’t get out of bed, found it difficult to use the bathroom & had sleepless nights due to the pain. 

I was taken in for surgery on 13th April. I was scared. I was in pain. I was helpless. In the middle of the surgery my husband was called in for an approval to remove my left ovary. It wasn’t showing any signs of blood circulation. The doctor decided to wait for 20 minutes for any signs of recovery. With God’s grace, the ovary started to respond & they succeeded in saving both my ovaries.

The recovery period followed. Strict diet for 2 months & no movement. I was advised against asana practice too. 

Every challenge is an opportunity for growth. I took this opportunity to do some self analysis, and became more grateful for the life I have. It taught me that no matter how much you possibly do to take the best of care, some things are just not  in our hands. It’s all God’s will. IF you have His grace, acceptance of the situation & recovery becomes easier.