Empowering Women's Health Post-Childbirth: A Holistic Approach

By Dr. Nutan Pakhare

In a recent publication by The Lancet Global Health, it was revealed that more than one in three women worldwide, approximately forty million annually, struggle with enduring health challenges after childbirth. This study sheds light on the neglected issues women face, highlighting the need for comprehensive postpartum care.

Key Findings

The study identifies common health issues, including pain during sexual intercourse, low back pain, urinary incontinence, anxiety, anal incontinence, depression, fear of childbirth, perineal pain, and secondary infertility.

Other health issues include pelvic organ prolapse, posttraumatic stress disorder, thyroid dysfunction, mastitis, HIV seroconversion, nerve injury, and psychosis.

Post childbirth women's health care

Postpartum Check-ups

While most women visit a doctor 6–12 weeks after childbirth, persistent health problems are rarely discussed. Many issues manifest after the 6-week mark, highlighting the need for extended postpartum care.

Call for Comprehensive Health Services

The study advocates for a broader and more comprehensive approach to postpartum care, extending beyond the conventional 6-week time limit. Multidisciplinary models of care are proposed to promptly identify and address these conditions.

Underreported Suffering

Dr. Pascale Allotey, director of sexual and reproductive health and research at WHO, emphasizes that postpartum conditions cause considerable suffering, both emotionally and physically. Despite this, these issues remain underappreciated, underrecognized, and underreported.

Garbhasanskar and Women’s Health

Addressing these challenges requires a comprehensive approach. Garbhasanskar, an ancient practice from Ayurveda and Yoga, plays a crucial role in promoting the overall well-being of both the mother and the child. By incorporating Garbhasanskar techniques during pregnancy, women can potentially reduce the risk of common postpartum issues. This practice focuses on nurturing the physical and mental health of the mother, creating a positive impact on childbirth and postpartum recovery.

Postnatal yoga under expert medical guidance

Recognizing the urgency of postpartum care, we have introduced specialized postnatal yoga programs under expert medical guidance. These initiatives aim to address typical postpartum health problems that affect women. Our comprehensive approach ensures that women receive the care they need as soon as possible, emphasizing the importance of immediate and comprehensive postpartum support.

Contact us for holistic support

If you are seeking guidance on how Garbhasanskar and postnatal yoga can contribute to a healthier postpartum experience or if you have any concerns regarding women’s health, we are here to help. Contact us for personalized support and information on our Garbhasanskar and postnatal yoga programs.


The findings underscore the urgent need for an extended and comprehensive postpartum care framework. By integrating holistic practices like Garbhasanskar and postnatal yoga under expert medical guidance, we can strive to empower women and reduce the prevalence of postpartum health issues, ensuring a healthier and more fulfilling journey into motherhood.

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