Why do her Moods Swing every month? ​

Effect of anger on pregnancy

Isn’t it funny how every month when a woman gets moody or stressed out or anxious, the first conclusion that everyone jumps to is ‘OMG’ she’s PMS-ing.
The lines, ’she’s so hormonal’ or ‘Her periods coming’ are something most women hear on a monthly basis.

So what’s really going on?
Every month a woman’s body prepares itself to get pregnant.

Once a woman reaches puberty and has her first menses, having her period regularly means that her body is healthy and that her organs are functioning the way that they should.

A regular menstrual cycle produces natural biological chemicals, which help regulate a woman’s female hormones and this keeping her mentally and physically balanced.

Now what happens is, the body is all happy when it thinks it’s going to store a baby for 9 months as it goes through the whole ovulation process. 

Bearing a child is what a womans body was created to do.

Now when menstruation happens the body suddenly discovers that it isn’t pregnant and it isn’t going to house a baby.

There is a sudden drop in progesterone (the hormone used to prepare the body for pregnancy) and estrogen (which regulates female hormones) , that occur after ovulation.

This causes low levels of the production of serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter that is linked to emotions like sadness and irritability. Thus a woman experiences extreme mood swings which aren’t really her fault.

It’s a chemical imbalance and yes this whole process happens EVERY month. 

It also changes if she takes medication or is traveling or is under extreme stress.

So what should a woman do during this time?

  1. Educating herself about what’s going on within her body and explaining it to the people around her.
  2. Tracking her emotional rollercoaster so she has a record of the physical, mental and emotional changes she experiences monthly.
  3. Eating Healthy eating the correct food and providing the right fuel to her system to prepare its self for the rollercoaster of emotions she’s going to experience.
  4. Exercise regular exercise produces endorphins (happy hormones), which can make a woman feel good.
  5. Avoid caffeine, sugar and alcohol that make you feel good for a short time.
  6. Manage your stress do things that keep you happy and relaxed. It’s important to put yourself first.