Why is it important to study Ayurveda Anatomy and Physiology?

By Dr. Nutan Pakhare

Ayurveda, as you know, is the science of life. But in addition to this,it is not only the science of life, but it is the science of consciousness.

Ayurveda has a little bit different perspective when it comes to the body because modern science may teach you about the structure and the function of body and how  hormones work, but ayurveda thinks more deeper than just the structural and the physiological function of body. This is is number one reason why you need to understand your body as per ayurvedic perspective. Ayurveda believes the body is in structure and functions happening in the body are in continuation and they compliment each other.

If a  disease  occurs in structure, it influences function too. So body is your wonderful  gift to do all your actions, right? That’s why, if you don’t understand it, well, how can you keep it fit and fine, and how can you stay away from diseases? Right? 

So it is necessary to understand the body through an ayurveda perspective as well because it offers a holistic view of your existence.

human anatomy

Friends,when I was studying the human body in my college, I remember that dissection room where we have been given a “dead body” to dissect and check out all parts of the body and understand  muscles,bones and organs etc.  Later on, when I started my self study and went more deeper way,while  teaching this subject to yoga students, I realized that to understand this body you don’t need to dissect the dead body, instead you need  to study the new life growing in the womb. This secret been understood by our ancient sages thousands of year back and hence in Ayurveda samhita you will find the first and foremost chapter explains about Garbhasharir I.e Study of fetus.  

So in this course I tried to maintain the same pattern and  you will learn in the same sequence followed in order to explore the human body and remember  the number of muscles, bones and all those things under sankhya sharir. 

Ayurveda says our body is built up on the seven important pillars i.e Rasa,Rakta,Mans etc.

Rasa is first dhatu formed when you eat and digest your food in the optimum way.In small intestine it has been absorbed in the blood circulation and through blood  rest of dhatu get nourished step by step. You will understand all those internal channels, how they work and respond to each in a harmonious way to keep you healthy. Although this course is profoundly based on ancient concepts, it is  explained in  an integrated format  with modern science.

Like when modern science talks about cardiovascular system or respiratory system here, but in ayurveda you will come across terms like strotasa ( channels ),dhatu etc..

This is a pre-recorded Ayurveda Anatomy and Physiology course  but if any question occurs in your mind while watching you will be able to ask questions immediately under the same video and get your answer too. 

This knowledge is supremely important for each and every health provider.

I recommend and invite all health providers, specifically yoga teachers who wish to be successful in the personal and professional career.I must  tell you that studying the human body through ayurveda point of view will transform your life incredibly. Well, finally, as scripture says shariram adya khalu dharma sadhanm it means,taking care of your body is your first duty. So to perform your skillful duty you should know it holistically. This course will boost your confidence and this is we are quoting it on the basis of our past students’ testimonials. I’m proud of all my students who are doing amazingly well in their respective fields across the globe.

You have one year access to all this course recording so that you can revisit and contemplate & adopt it well. If you have questions you can write to us on provided mail id.

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